Looking for vegetarian slow-cooker recipes? Want to use your slow cooker to make comforting meat-free meals? Try our recipes below, then check out our favourite slow-cooker recipes, easy vegetarian recipes and global vegetarian recipes.


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Vegetarian slow-cooker recipes

Slow-cooker dahl

Check out our healthy dahl recipe with lentils and split peas. This delicious slow-cooker idea is sure to make a deliciously creamy dinner – it's a great weekend vegetarian warmer for those wintery months! It even comes with a recipe for homemade naans. We have plenty more dahl recipes where this came from, too.

Coconut Dahl Recipe with Homemade Naans

Slow-cooker tagine with pepper, date and harissa

This simple but flavour-packed slow-cooker veggie tagine makes a feature of meltingly soft peppers, but you could add all sorts of veg to the base sauce – chunks of squash or courgette would be good. More easy tagine recipes right this way.

Pepper, date and harissa tagine in a serving bowl

Slow-cooker vegetarian stew

Check out our easy chickpea stew packed with dates, crunchy almonds and vibrant turmeric. Slow cooking chickpeas with a heady selection of spices really ramps up the flavour in this frugal dish. Try to get hold of the extra large, chubby chickpeas in jars for superior texture.

A bowl of chickpea stew with spices, topped with flaked almonds

Slow-cooker vegetarian chilli

Our slow-cooker veggie chilli is made with black beans and fiery chipotle paste. This meat-free one-pot is an easy, filling, low-calorie recipe the whole family will love.

Chipotle Black Bean Chilli Recipe

Slow-cooker aubergine salad

A salad in a slow cooker? Once you’ve seen how easy it is to get squishy, soft aubergines without slaving over a griddle you’ll make this again and again. A colourful salad that’s ideal for the warmer months, it contrasts a sweet molasses and honey dressing with salty feta for a moreish result.

Warm aubergine, pomegranate and onion salad

Slow-cooker aubergine parmigiana

Adapt this comforting recipe for your slow cooker – just cook for six hours on low. The layered aubergine slices will turn meltingly soft, and if your slow cooker has a fry button, you can cook them in a drizzle of olive oil before assembling. Finished with mozzarella slices, basil leaves and a grating of parmesan, this makes for a wonderfully comforting meal.

Melanzane parmigiana

Slow-cooker tomato sauce

Batch cooking pasta and pizza sauce is a great way to use up any tomatoes that look like they’ve seen better days – plus if you grow them, they can ripen quicker than you can use them up.

Add about 1.5kg blanched and chopped tomatoes, a bunch of basil, bay leaf, a good glug of olive oil, some seasoning and a few crushed garlic cloves to the slow cooker and cook for six to eight hours until the tomatoes have completely broken down. You can use a stick blender to make a smoother sauce.

If your tomatoes are super ripe, you don’t need to add sugar or vinegar to make a piquant sauce but taste and add a sprinkle of each if it needs it. Add a spoon of crème fraîche or mascarpone for richness post-cooking, if you like.

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Tomato and Basil Recipe

Slow-cooker oats

Minutes are valuable in the morning, so save another 15 for something useful by making your porridge in a slow cooker overnight. Use your usual porridge recipe (reducing the milk a little, to account for no evaporation) and activate the ‘keep warm’ function, and you’ll wake up to a warm breakfast that’s ready to go.

Porridge isn’t just a winter warmer: top with summer berries, a dollop of yogurt, a few sunflower seeds and a drizzle of maple syrup for a summery version. We have lots of porridge toppings here.

4 Quick and Easy Porridge Toppers To Perk Up Your Daily Oats

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