Looking for healthy dessert recipes to indulge your sweet tooth? Give yourself a treat in the form of our nourishing carrot cake muffins, vegan chocolate mousse or vegan coconut blondies.


Sometimes you just need something sweet, but that doesn't mean you have to load up on calories. By choosing healthier alternatives, you can have dessert while also enjoying the nutritional benefits of fruit or veg, such as vitamins, minerals and fibre.

Try these healthier spins on your favourite puds, then check out our healthy baking recipes, healthy BBQ recipes and healthy salad recipes.

Best healthier desserts

1. Healthy carrot cake muffins

Craving muffins but don't fancy the calories? Bake a batch of these moist muffins flavoured with orange zest, mixed spice and maple syrup for a sweet kick.

Carrot Cake Muffins on a Wire Rack

2. Healthy apple crumble

A healthier take on classic apple crumble, this recipe tops soft cinnamon apples with a refined sugar-free granola (which also makes a brilliant breakfast).

A green bowl with apple crumble in it

3. Healthy blondies

We've put a vegan spin on blondies, using coconut sugar for caramelised flavour, coconut milk for creamy texture and blueberries for fruity zing.

Two Plates Topped with Healthy Blondies with Blueberries and Coconut

4. Healthy cookies

For a lighter dessert that will still hit the spot, try these healthy cookies made with muesli, wholemeal flour and rapeseed oil, with a touch of honey for sweetness.

A fresh batch of muesli cookies

5. Healthy banana bread

A glug of maple syrup is the key to this wonderfully moist vegan banana bread, flavoured with both coconut oil and desiccated coconut.

A loaf of banana bread with two slices ready to serve

6. Vegan banana ice cream

Our healthy banana ice cream is dairy-free, no-churn and no-effort. Once you’re confident with the process, try experimenting with different flavours.

No-churn banana ice cream

7. Healthy chocolate cake

We've given classic chocolate cake a healthy twist by using sweet potatoes, sticky dates and almond milk in the sponge batter. Using dark chocolate and cacao powder gives it a wonderful richness.

A chocolate cake on a glass cake stand with a slice taken out of it

8. Chocolate avocado mousse

Replacing cream and egg whites with avocado makes this chocolate mousse recipe naturally light and creamy, without the extra sugar. Top with chopped hazelnuts for crunch or cocoa nibs for a little extra indulgence.

9. Coconut, banana and raspberry muffins

Try our recipe for low-fat coconut, banana and raspberry muffins. They're quick and easy to make, and a much healthier alternative to regular muffins – a great post-meal sweet treat.

Banana Muffins Recipe With Coconut And Raspberry

10. Vegan chocolate mousse

Silken tofu is the secret ingredient for this smooth and creamy (and totally vegan) chocolate mousse recipe. It makes an easy yet impressive dessert.

Vegan chocolate mousse

11. Pear and blackberry crumble bars

Use fresh or frozen blackberries to make these delicious oat bars, perfect as a post-dinner treat – wholemeal flour gives a fibre boost and adds to the nutty flavour.

A marble chopping board topped with slices of oaty bars

12. Avocado, kiwi and lime ice lollies

Our bright and zesty green lollies are made with vitamin-packed fruits and refreshing coconut water for a nutritious and refreshing summer dessert.

Avo Lollies

13. Sugar-free cookies

These small vegan cookies are a real family treat – ground almonds provide a nutty flavour, and a burst of natural sweetness comes from the raspberries.

Sugar-Free Cookies Topped with Jam on a Metal Cooling Rack

14. Instant mango fro-yo

Check out this speedy dairy-free frozen yogurt. This easy recipe only uses three ingredients (lime, mango and coconut yogurt) and takes just minutes to make. A fruity end to any meal.

mango fro yo

15. Cacao, banana, date and cashew bars

These no-fuss cacao, banana, date and cashew bars are really easy to make and perfect as a quick snack or to satisfy that post-dinner chocolate craving. Make a big batch and they'll keep for up to a week.

Banana & Cashew bars

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