For any type of baking, you should always have a scale on hand. Precise baking comes down to a quality kitchen scale for perfect measuring, but where to start when buying one? Scales can be separated into its key components. Naturally size is important; some models are simple square designs, perfect for fitting into the side of cupboards or even drawers, whereas others are pretty enough to be out on display on your kitchen counter. You might go for a bold and stylish design or sleek minimalist digital scales. Some can also have extra functions: we've featured options with unique elements that measure liquids, temperatures and a selection of multi-use scales.


It is not only when baking where kitchen scales come in handy – whether you want to precisely season your meat according to its weight or weigh out a portion of pasta, scales are an underrated tool for budding cooks. So you may want scales that are particularly precise or switches between different measuring units.

Read on to find your best measuring scales featuring brands such as OXO, Zwilling and Masterclass. Plus we feature a few analogue scales to fit on any large work surfaces.

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Best kitchen scales at a glance

  • Best multi-use baking scales: Morphy Richards 3-in-1 digital scales, £22
  • Best all-round scale: Heston Blumenthal by Salter Dual Precision Digital Scale, £59.99
  • Most stylish scale set: Masterclass Electronic scale with bowl, £38.57
  • Most high-end scales: Vogue large kitchen scales, £45.99
  • Best rechargeable baking scales: Zwilling Effinigy glass kitchen scales, £39.95
  • Best budget scales: Wilko Stainless Steel Electronic Kitchen Scales, £17
  • Best stylish mechanical scales: Kitchen Pantry Mechanical Scale, £33.95
  • Best small scale: Salter 114 BKCLDR Compact Mechanical Kitchen Scales, £13.99
  • Most innovative scales: OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Electronic Digital Kitchen Scales, £55

Best kitchen scales to buy in 2023

Morphy Richards 3-in-1 digital scales with jug

red morphy richards baking scale with silver bowl

Best multi-use baking scales

Doubling as a jug and mixing bowl, this smart red scale provides plenty of volume to add a variety of ingredients. Measuring liquids, too, you can easily reset the scale to save time in the kitchen, plus it is great for accuracy as it measures as little as 1g.

Available from:
Amazon (£22)

Heston Blumenthal by Salter Dual Precision Digital Scale

silver flat baking scales with three sections

Best all-round scale

Coming in at 800g, this digital scale is very lightweight and it can measure as little as 1g; plus with its stainless steel material it is easy to clean, perfect if it remains on the counter. A couple of unique features of this scale include a ‘Add & Weigh’ function for when you want to add materials to the same bowl and change the units (g, oz, ml, fl.oz) to suit your recipe. There is also an ‘Aquatronic’ feature for measuring liquids and it can measure up to 10kg for serious baking needs.

More like this

Masterclass Electronic scale with bowl

black scale with gold bowl

Most stylish scale set

In a magnificent brass finish, this art deco style baking scale bowl from Masterclass is made from stainless steel making it stain- and odour-resistant, as well as attractive enough to leave on your counter. The bowl sits perfectly on the digital scale, whose features include an 'add 'n' weigh' function, plus there are non-slip, non-scratch feet, letting you move your scale around as you please without the fear of scratching your surfaces.

Vogue large kitchen scales

upright scale with silver bowl

Most high-end scales

Give your kitchen a retro 50s look with this large kitchen scale with an easy-to-read, simple dial. Showing both pounds and kg and allowing up to 5kg, this scale is great for following any American recipes or for large bakes. The stainless steel 20cm bowl is removable and easy to move around your kitchen.

Available from:
Nisbets (£55.18)

Zwilling Effinigy glass kitchen scales

all black oval scale

Best rechargeable baking scales

This sleek glass scale is ultra precise and measures up to 10kg. Designed to withstand heavy use, this baking scale has a touch control and hidden display when off. This digital scale is cordless and the built-in battery is rechargeable with the included micro USB cord. Great for large quantities, this scale measures up to 10kg and in ounces and grams.

Available from:
Zwilling (£39.95)
Amazon (£39.95)
Fenwick (£39)

Wilko Stainless Steel Electronic Kitchen Scales

all silver scales with large silver bowl

Best budget scales

Bake with the utmost precision with these handy stainless steel electronic scales. Alongside an LCD display, there is a built in alarm timer and temperature gauge from 0C to 40C, so you can be as precise as you need to be for your recipes. Additionally, there's also a weight unit mode, zero set function and tare function to reset to zero. At £17.50, you get a bargain deal with these scales, too, and an all-silver look to match most kitchens.

Available from:
Wilko (£17)

Kitchen Pantry Mechanical Scale

black upright measuring scale with gold bowl

Best stylish mechanical scales

Looking like a centrepiece for your kitchen, this black and brass finished item has a clear dial of pounds and kgs, plus it has an adjustment dial so they remain accurate for as long as you have the scales. The only downside to these scales is that it increases in 20g increments, so not the best for über precise baking.

Available from:
Silver Mushroom (£33.95)

Salter 114 BKCLDR Compact Mechanical Kitchen Scales

clear and black scales

Best small scale

This mechanical kitchen scale is battery-free but still includes some modern features such as the 'add and weigh' function, letting you save time on washing-up by adding multiple ingredients to the same bowl. Plus this has a compact design, ideal for small kitchens.

Available from:
Amazon (£13.99)

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Electronic Digital Kitchen Scale

off white scales with black digital panel

Most innovative scales

An upgrade from your typical digital scale, this OXO scale has a smudge-resistant stainless steel platform and a pull-out display to prevent shadowing from large plates or bowls. It has an add and weigh feature. Handily, this uses four AAA batteries which come included and are easier to manage and find in shops than disc batteries.


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