We have plenty of curry recipe collections to cater for all types of curry nights and cuisines, with inspiration from Panang to Thailand, Sri Lankan to Japan and more. Some recipes give step-by-step instructions to make your own spice blend, while others use ready-made mixes to keep things quick and simple.


If you're looking for a classic Indian curry, check out our best Indian curry recipes. For a classic chicken dinner, try our chicken curries here. Or go plant-based with our vegan curry ideas or vegetarian curries. Serve with naan and tuck in! Who needs a takeaway when you have these recipes...

Best curry recipes

Chicken katsu curry

If you always order the katsu curry when you eat out in Japanese restaurants, you’ll be surprised to learn how easy it is to make at home. Make one of our exciting Japanese recipes here.

Breaded chicken fillets with katsu sauce, on a bed of rice and peas

Thai green chicken curry

Thai green curry is an Asian classic and it is very popular in the UK. Try our delicious green curry recipe from Victoria Moore that shows you how to make the curry paste from scratch so that the fresh, vibrant flavours really come through.

Thai green chicken curry in a bowl with a glass of wine

Butter chicken

This is sure to become a family favourite! You can use whatever curry paste you have to make this... it’s the combo of butter, almonds and yogurt that magically creates such a rich, creamy sauce. Try our top chicken curry ideas here.

Butter Chicken Curry Recipe

Chicken madras

Make your own easy spice mix for an quick way to feed the family – a classic healthy chicken curry for under 300 calories.

Pan of chicken madras topped with coriander

Chicken jalfrezi

Made with cheap chicken thigh fillets and a made-from-scratch spice blend, this easy, good-value curry is full of flavour and has a nice spicy kick.

Chicken Jalfrezi Curry Recipe

Turkey curry

A brilliant way to use up left-over cooked turkey, check out this turkey curry flavoured with coconut and ginger.

Leftover turkey curry in a bowl next to rice and naans

Paneer curry

Cook this veg-heavy curry for a healthy vegetarian meal. The peas add extra protein while ginger and plum tomatoes make a light, fragrant sauce.

Healthy Paneer Curry Recipe

Slow-cooker beef curry

Try our slow-cooker beef curry, cooked on low for eight hours for rich and tender results. It comes flavoured with ginger and coconut milk, plus fresh spinach for colour.

Two plates of beef curry on rice

Sweet potato and chickpea curry

Try our vibrant sweet potato and chickpea curry for dinner tonight. It’s colourful, rich, hearty and packed with nutrients.

Bowl of sweet potato and chickpea curry on a bed of rice sprinkled with coriander, next to a bowl of yoghurt

Beef Massaman curry

This slow cooked Thai curry is wonderfully rich and mild enough for the whole family to enjoy. Serve our beef massaman with jasmine rice to soak up the juices.

Bowl of beef massaman curry on a plate with a spoon

Yellow curry with swiss chard and tofu

Tofu chunks soak up a gingery coconut broth in this quick and easy vegan curry, made vibrant with ruby red chard stalks.

A large white pan of tofu and swiss chard curry with a serving spoon

Butternut squash curry

This easy butternut squash curry will be a hit with the family and is easily adaptable with the addition of extra veg.

a bowl of butternut squash curry with rice

Home-style chicken curry (Tariwalla murgh)

This easy chicken curry from Maunika Gowardhan, packed with aromatic flavours and a spicy kick, makes for a comforting yet nutritious Friday night treat.

A plate topped with chicken thigh curry with white rice on the side

Roasted Keralan chicken and potato curry

Check out our vibrant roasted Keralan chicken curry. This fragrant recipe is easy to make and great to feed a hungry crowd.

Keralan-style roasted coconut curry in a dish

Mutter paneer

Mutter paneer is a traditional north Indian curry. The texture of fresh peas stands up well against the paneer, but frozen is fine too. This can be ready in just 30 minutes, and you won't feel like you're missing out, even though it's veggie. Serve it as a side curry with some naan or rice.

Mutter Paneer Recipe

Prawn massaman curry

Massaman curry comes from southern Thailand and is not as fiery as green or red Thai curries. We love the fragrant flavours and the texture that the peanuts add.

Prawn Massaman Curry Recipe

Lamb rogan josh

This is an easy, one-pot lamb rogan josh that is sure to be a family favourite. Cook and eat it now, or freeze ahead for a stress-free weekday meal.

Pan of lamb rogan josh topped with coriander

Easy lamb bhuna

Check out our tender lamb bhuna recipe. This juicy curry recipe is easy to make and packed with plenty of flavour. Plus, it's low in calories too.

Pan of lamb bhuna next to a bowl of rice

Butter bean curry

Minimal prep but serving full-on flavour, make this easy veggie curry with tinned beans and fragrant spices for a satisfying midweek dinner.

A metal pan filled with a bean curry with green herbs on top

Roast cauliflower korma curry

Check out our veggie korma recipe with roast cauliflower. This curry recipe is low in calories and ready in just 30 minutes, ideal for an easy midweek dinner.

Cauliflower Korma Recipe

Goan prawn curry

Hirwa kolambi kalwan is a vibrant green coconut prawn curry with chilli, coriander and curry leaves. Goan recipe writer Maunika Gowardhan has used shell-on prawns as they add so much flavour, although you could make this with shelled prawns as well.

Goan Prawn Curry Recipe

Turkey keema curry

Packed with fresh and zingy flavours and plenty of punchy spices, this low-calorie Indian turkey mince curry makes an easy midweek meal.

Turkey Kheema Matar with Turkey

Tofu katsu curry

A clever veggie version of a Japanese curry classic, made by coating slabs of tofu with breadcrumbs, baking them, and serving with a curried carrot, ginger and honey sauce.

Tofu katsu curry

Prawn caldine

Check out our quick and easy Indian curry recipe packed with juicy prawns, creamy coconut milk and crunchy green beans. This light, fragrant Indian curry originates from Goa and is gluten-free.

Prawn Caldine Curry Recipe

Chicken saag

Ahhh chicken saag… how we love you so. It’s such a classic curry dish and we promise that the homemade version is so much better than your usual Friday night takeaway. This is our ‘fakeaway’ recipe, packed with fresh red chillies, garlic, ginger, turmeric, cloves and spinach. It’s also one of our favourite ways to use up tinned tomatoes.

Healthy Curry Chicken Saag in a Casserole Dish

Sri Lankan cashew chicken curry

Make your own Sri Lankan curry powder and combine with coconut milk and toasted cashews to spice up chicken thighs in this impressive curry. Scoop up with warm roti for a comforting midweek meal. Plenty more chicken thigh recipes here.

Sri Lankan Cashew Nut Chicken Curry Recipe

Jamaican curry pork

A spin on the classic curry goat, this spiced pork curry is melt-in-the-mouth and full of Caribbean flavour.

three bowls of pork curry with rice and peas

Beef shin rendang

A great excuse for some Saturday night feasting between friends, this aromatic, slow-cooked beef curry makes enough to serve 12. If you find yourself with some leftovers then waste not want not because it's freezable too. Try one of our favourite crowd-pleasing recipes here.

Pan of beef shin rendang curry topped with coriander and chilli

Kofta curry

Spice up your midweek meal with our homemade lamb koftas nestled in a fragrant curry. Served with rice for a hearty meal for four. Discover more of our best curry recipes under 500 calories here.

Kofta Curry Recipe

Coconut and peanut aubergine curry

This creamy coconut and peanut aubergine curry is vegetarian, under 300 calories and ready in just 30 minutes, making it the perfect comforting meal to make midweek.

Bowl of creamy aubergine curry with a plate of forks at the side

Creamy lamb, spinach and cashew curry

With hints of spice, our curry is a great way to liven up your week. Super creamy, nutty and low in calories, this recipe is perfect for a simple family dinner. We have plenty more lamb curry ideas here.

Lamb Curry Recipe with Spinach and Cashew

Sri Lankan fish curry

This Sri Lankan fish curry recipe is easy to make and on the dinner table in less than an hour. It is less than 500 calories per serving and also suitable for freezing.

Sri Lankan Fish Curry Recipe

Butternut squash and chickpea curry

This chickpea and squash coconut curry is a great healthy, vegetarian midweek meal. If you can get it, Alpro coconut milk alternative has less saturated fat and fewer calories than regular coconut milk as it's made with a rice milk base.

Chickpea and Squash Coconut Curry Recipe

Aubergine Thai jungle curry

This aubergine Thai jungle curry is low-calorie and ready in just 20 minutes, making a great, satisfying option for midweek. Try our Thai recipes here to create a full Thai spread.

Aubergine Thai Jungle Vegetable Curry Recipe

Chickpea dahl with naans

Make a batch of this vegetarian coconut dahl with naans and freeze for later. This recipe even includes instructions on how to make the dahl in a slow cooker.

Coconut Dahl Recipe with Homemade Naans

Fall- apart vindaloo with red onion mint chutney

If you love curry, you'll love this vindaloo. Originating from Goa, our version is easy, made with pork and full of authentic spices. Serve with rice and homemade mint chutney at a dinner party for friends.

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Fall-apart vindaloo with red onion mint chutney

Bombay egg and potato curry

Some nights you don't want to have to spend ages shopping to make a delicious meal. This Bombay egg and potato curry can be made using store cupboard ingredients and is ready in just 40 minutes - perfect for a midweek meal.

Bombay Potato and Egg Curry Recipe

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