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not being brainwashed, is all you need, to be recognised as an interesting thinker today — Photo-Soup.ORG (@PhotoSoupORG) June 19, 2017

black nigger

“I said, I don’t know about a slave, but I’ll turn you black, and I’ll call the picture White Nigger”

in defense of the poor image “The poor image is a copy in motion. Its quality is bad, its resolution substandard. As it accelerates, it deteriorates. It is a ghost of an image, a preview, a thumbnail, an errant idea, an itinerant image distributed for free, squeezed through slow digital connections, compressed, reproduced, ripped, remixed, as well as copied and…

on the dangers of self-expression The interesting thing about our time is that however radical the message in your art, if you do your criticism through self-expression, you’re actually feeding the very power structure you’re trying to overthrow. The power structure you’re criticizing also believes in self-expression as the ultimate goal. Capitalism is about self-expression; art is about self-expression.…