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check out my outfit, my baby, my book; the party I’m at; the food I'm eating; the petition I've signed; the protest I’ve joined — Photo-Soup.ORG (@PhotoSoupORG) September 26, 2016

this is what it feels like to be free ‘Check out my outfit, my baby, my book; the party I’m at; the protest I’ve joined; the private view I’m attending. I has become the commodity we spend most of our lives producing. In real-time. Around the clock. We fashion a self that we peddle to others in search of the next job, the…

dreams and the spiritual ‘The raw experience of the dream and the intense work of interpretation explain why the spirit realm was considered absolutely real for most of humanity’s history. People directly experienced the spirit realm in their dreams.’

i am sick of artist statements
THE FEMINIST T-SHIRT The Post-Feminist Slut/Voyeur Artist Statement Step 1: talk about how your subjectivity is formed in the wake of post-feminism Step 2: use your fairly attractive body in all your work, photographed in skimpy underwear & rollerskates—it’s okay to look slutty becuz you’re a feminist interrogating self-objectification Step 3: DON’T WEAR MAKE-UP. It will…