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the truth about cultural appropriation The idea of cultural appropriation has, in recent years, moved from being an abstruse academic and legal concept to a mainstream political issue. From Beyonce’s Bollywood outfits to Dana Schutz’s painting of Emmett Till, and from the recent controversy surrounding Sam Durant’s sculpture Scaffold (2012) to Omer Fast’s recreation of an old Chinatown storefront…

what matters most is how well you walk through the fire The concept of life purpose has exploded in popularity in recent decades. We don’t just want to make money or build a secure career. We want to do something important. We want to be noticed. We want to be looked up to. Meaning is the new luxury. But like any other luxury, we idealize…


are established artists really this bored? i mean really? seems like there is not much going on these days @MuseumModernArt #StephenShore — Photo-Soup.ORG (@PhotoSoupORG) September 22, 2017


‪pónchalo wei ‘gas-o-maña’ 2017‬‪(animated GIF on mobile phone) salón erótico Quinta Teresa Cúcuta @AmarantaHank #alejandraomaña‬